Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More on Search Engineering

It confuses me as to why my site doesn't appear anywhere near the top several hundred for search terms such as "board games israel", or "jerusalem games", or "strategy game blog", and so on. I've changed my HTML title, my blog title: no effect.

Maybe this will help: board games board games board games.

Instead, I get a rather interesting bunch of search engine hits for esoteric subjects that appear in my blog, such as ... well, I better not mention them here. A few hints: "F... F..." (the actress, twice), m*n*bl*gst*r (I don't think I ever used that word on my blog), something about a credit card company, and a bakery in Italy.

I dearly need a course in search engine optimization.

Meanwhile, using the last of the cash I had from my gaming group and sales at BGG.con, I bought two more games along with a larger game purchase from some of my game groupies. My games: Power Grid and Maharajah. Aside from the anomaly of Goa, I think they should fit well with our game group. Power Grid I already played and liked. Of course, Alhambra I had also played and liked and then discovered that I didn't really like it so much. Hopefully that won't happen with Power Grid.

I would really like Age of Steam, and could possibly be convinced to want Railroad Tycoon, but I'm not interested in buying any game over $30. The only exception I ever made was for a copy of Through the Desert when I had a bit more money and it was very rare - now it sells for $20. Ah, well.

Game store of choice: still Time Well Spent. Great prices, great service.



Chris Brooks said...

Part of the challenge is getting inbound links to your site to use the terms most critical to ranking high in search. For example, when I link to your site with "Yehuda's weblog about boardgames in Israel" as the anchor, the relevance to those terms will go up.

Yehuda Berlinger said...


I also still need more people to link to me, altogether. Most of the people I link to still don't link back to me.

I keep hoping they will get inspired :-) .