Friday, December 09, 2005

More on the excrutianing subject of my game, and when is he going to come out with another one?

Speaking of theme, I came up with a new theme for my game. If you have bought my prototype, try the following theme out (and also, if you have bought my prototype, or I if I gave you a copy, feedback would be welcome):

Each player is a Sorcerer whose master sent him out to collect eight different demons, four types of lesser demons and four types of greater demons. Each Sorcerer has two spells: Capture and Banish.

When he finds a demon, he can choose to Capture or Banish the demon. If he banishes the demon, he gains in sorcerer power. If he Captures the demon, he spends sorcerer power. If he tries to capture the demon with less sorcerer power than the demon would usually require, the other players have a chance to steal the demon from him by paying more than him, and if one of them does, he gains the power that they spent, but they get the demon.

And so on for the other rules. What do you think? Better than the Hanukkah theme?

With this theme, and some pretty graphics, maybe Fantasy Flight would be interested?



Unknown said...

Is that what sells I guess? The fantasy stuff? Couldn't it be catching some kind of animal or fishing or something that might appeal to kids? You might have better luck with someone like Out of the Box that way.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

It seemed like a neat theme. Each publisher has its own style. I just wondered how my blog readers, or people who already have my prototypes, would think about it.

You're right about Out of the Box. I'll try them, too.