Friday, December 02, 2005

Designers: Man or Mortal?

OK, so in this post I say that people shouldn't treat the designer as a god, and should instead feel free to fiddle with the game design. Which garnered the comment:

The rules are the rules are the rules... they are there for a reason and I don't understand the urge to immediately attempt to change/tweak or re-write them when a game doesn't play they way one might expect... Living rules and official errata are acceptable as it is the (usually) the designer or developer making the change.

And then in this post I present the designer as a haphazard god, which evoked the comment:

I don't think this is very far from the truth in some games. You can see places where randomness was mitigated by hands of cards and face up draw piles, and where luck was added to reduce AP and make the game less pre-programmed. In fact, it's rare to find a game where some mechanic doesn't feel like a "fix".

So is the designer god or isn't s/he? What's the idea?


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