Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Old friends

After making contact with my favorite Israeli blogger, David Bogner, aka Treppenwitz, it turns out that his wife is an old friend of mine from college (she's not old; I just haven't spoken to her in about ten years or so).

What a weird coincidence. What a small Jewish world.

Then I noticed that the other Jewish blog I really liked (aside from Jewlicious), Israelity, has as contributors both David and another old friend of mine: Rachel Jaskow, who has her own blog, Elms in the Yard.



Pragmatician said...

Seems like you were playing Jewish geography instead of a board game.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Ah, good old Jewish geography. A fun game.

One of my friends went to France for a year and to England for a weekend and to a family for shabbat dinner. When she told them that she goes to Cornell, one of her hosts told her that he knows a guy who goes to some Ivy league school in America, would she know him?

"Yeah, right," she thought. "Who?"

And 'twas me.

It truly is a small Jewish world.