Friday, December 23, 2005

As Long As We're Linking 3

The latest board game blog news since my last posting. I will post these whenever at least 5 or more changes have been made since my last post.

Aside from my new list of blogs, Joe Gola finally posted something on his Sniff the Light Fantastic blog after a long silence. I don't know what he said, but here's hoping he continues.

Another Point of Singularity - Walt O'Hara, Washington D.C. Almost as wierd as Grognads.

Boardgamers' Pastime - Mario T. Lanza, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Welcome aboard.

Boardgame News - Already indispensible board game news from the team of Rick Thornquist.

Boardgames To Go - I neglected to add Mark Johnson's long-running podcast from Santa Clarita, California.

The Fun Zone - Eric Michael Summerer, a voiceover artist from Connecticut. Mixed with other personal info.

GamerDad Unplugged - Another podcast, by Dr. Matt J. Carlson, a science teacher. Location unknown.

GeekCul 101 - Games, Books, Movies - Mark M, Ottawa, Canada

Piddinghoe Gamers session reports - Another UK blog.

Trabsact Sagme Diaries - João Neto and Bill Taylor. Possibly ever wierder than Mr Nizz and Grog. A blog about a far-future game researcer examining abstract game concepts of the past (our present).


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