Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend Gaming

A quickie, because it's late.

Friday night I convinced my parents, children, and wife to play For Sale. Once again, I discovered a rule mistake that I had made: I had been discarding half the value of the bid, not quote half the number of chips used to bid unquote. I like the game a little better this way. I still don't really like the blind bidding during the second half of the game, because it is so, well, blind; even though I like blind bidding in other games, where that bidding does not so directly determine the game.

Still, the game is sweet, easy to teach, and a nice intro to gaming for people like my parents. Tal, the youngest present, won the game, closely followed by Rachel and myself.

Saturday we had a family with children over, whom I had to constantly keep away from my games collection, as they kept assuming that it was for kids to paw through, dump open and step on ... like all other games, after all. I tried foisting them off with the chess set, Othello, and so on, but I had to keep vigilant watch. I ended up teaching them China Moon, which went over pretty well, despite having to recollect the frogs and chips after they were thrown across the room by the loser.

Also played Havoc with my two kids. Nice game. Saarya won, Tal second, I lost.

Tal then played and lost three abstracts with my other son, Eitan, who doesn't play games, except computer games: Checkers, Chinese Checkers (corner to corner on the Checkers board, actually), and Yinsh.


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