Friday, May 04, 2007

eBay Auctions Ending May 06

These are way too time consuming to do on a regular basis while I have a day-time job, but they're educational and a lot of fun.
A whole lot of TV shows and celebrities seem to end up as board games, and not only as licenses to the popular board games. The majority of these games are pretty lame, but make nice collectibles.
As usual, lots of Chess sets, some more unusual than others. This one is made from recycled auto parts.
A stocking stuffer for any impressionable child: Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing cards.
WHOT is a precursor to UNO, and a national pastime in Nigeria.
The rules to some vintage games, like this game of "Down and Up the Mine", appear to be lost to antiquity.
Some games that are meant as art sadly fail as games. This game, designed by a Vietnam vet, is supposed to recreate "the emotions" of a year-long tour-of-duty. That's a hard goal to achieve in a board game, I would think.

Unlike other war games, the object of this game isn't to win, but simply to survive with the least amount of your platoon dead by the end of the year. The mechanics are basically roll-and-move. Each space contains information or terminology about the war.
Heh. An imaginatively re-themed version of the game Operation. "Robot's feeling very ill! Ooh! Ooh!"
Apparently, this is where pawns go to die.

Other auctions with lots of pieces include heaps of Scrabble tiles. Apparently there is a sub-culture of people who use Scrabble tiles for artwork projects.
One day I must do a series on the most interesting antique playing cards.
Please keep this game away from me. "Snapping Hole"? Ew.
And another creepy game. Ew. Ew. Ew.
And we have this week's winner for most ridiculous idea: a cribbage board built into a toilet seat. WTF?
More from the department of beautifully illustrated games from yesteryear.
Scoresheets for Bridge on cartoon-shaped and illustrated paper from the 1930s.
Hat shaped playing cards.

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