Monday, May 28, 2007

I Missed the Star Wars Meme

The 30th anniversary of Star Wars passed. If you want a list of Star Wars related games, check out these Geek Lists on BGG: List 1, List 2. Or search on BGG for terms like "Hoth" or "Ewok".

The Play Ethic points to another great lady, Gwen Gordon, making a career out of bringing play back into the world.

The Guardian Unlimited praises Monopoly.

Scientific American is covering the game of Go in it's June issue.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette talks about board games and Dungeons and Dragons, but I'm unable to access the site without a subscription.

An Israeli family plays Taki, a story that gets enmeshed with the TV show The Sopranos. (Taki is like Uno, by the way)


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