Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekend Coming

It's entirely pleasing to be know as "the game guy". Although, not as much fun as finally being able to tell people that I blog and design games for a living.

I now get a few calls a week from friends, relatives, or strangers about games, either about what games would be good for a gift, a daughter needs help creating a game for her class project, or would I be able to help with the game design of this new video game.

Also, whenever there are games for sale in the country, someone sends me a link. I just picked up a copy of Blokus for $10 (missing one piece, but I'm hoping to get a replacement from the company). I picked up three sealed copies of the Lord of the Rings expansions (2 Saurons and 1 Friend and Foes) for $3 each. They're for sale or trade.

Nobody came to my garage sale :-( . I think I'll have to put the stuff up on eBay.

Game News

It's nice to see articles about board gaming families in the mainstream press, but this one from Hometown Annapolis kind of depressed me. The family profiled could desperately use some newer and better board games, before their children grown up and get tired of playing Life.

A Virginia attempt to set the underwater Monopoly playing record.

Rochester's game club is putting out a regular board gaming magazine, which looks a lot like the recently demised one from Long Island, Indepth.

Mercury News mentions Kublacon and Garret's Games and Geekiness.



Adelaide Gamer said...

Are you moving or something (the garage sale)? I know that I've been waiting for many many years to come across a garage sale with the wares that it looked like you had!

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Just spring cleaning. We're renting out our downstairs next year when my wife and stepson are away in Canada. Need to make some space.


Adelaide Gamer said...

Sheesh. Sounds like as good an excuse as any! :)