Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Long As We're Linking 21

Welcome to this month's edition of who's who in the board game blogging world. Last month's edition contained an up-to-date blogging list. This month, as usual, I only list changes over the last month.

Included here are blogs that update with some regularity and frequency, and have something of general interest to say (and are not simply lists of products for sale).


Livejournal has a few communities of board games, including the previously mentioned break out the board games. All Board Gamers Everywhere is another.

Boardgamer - This blandly named blog is by Jason from Ontario, Canada.

Dave: The Game - David Chalker, Elkridge, Maryland. He writes some good game stuff on Critical Hits, but only occasionally posts board game material on his blog.

Games and Things - Vinnie, Rhodes Island. Only two entries, but here's hoping.

Games, Gamers, Gaming - David Corbin, somewhere in the US.

The Gameshelf - A new podcast by Jason McIntosh, Somerville, Massachusetts.

KGB - Session reports from Amora, Portugal.

Moving Pieces - No idea who this is or where he's writing from.

Numberless - Scott Jon Siegel, New York. Also writes the Off the Grid column for Joystiq.

Roll For Initiative - Michael Erb, Parkersburg, W.Va. writes weekly reviews for his newspaper and BGG.

The Wandering Settler - Creech from Singapore.


Ed's Gaming Blog is now called When Dice Attack.

RCK has moved his board game material to RCK:BG.

Games Gist has moved to WordPress.


The Magic Rat has passed away. RIP.

Family Boardgaming Podcast seems to have petered out. Same goes for Mike Siggin's Gamer's Notebook on Funagain, The Game Table by Ward Batty, Petworth Game Night, and Tree Weasel Weekly. Update: Seems that I spoke too soon; Gamer's Notebook is still around, after all.

markandeya apparently doesn't talk much about board games, after all.


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