Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Gaming

Tal had her friend Ruti over for shabbat; Tal and Ruti are probably The Menorah Games' biggest fans. So naturally, they played the game about a dozen times, with me playing a few times. I think Tal won most of them.

Tal is still bemoaning the new theme, and tried to convince Ruti to bemoan it as well, but Ruti seemed to think it was cute.

I also taught my non-gaming friends how to play Settlers of Catan, now that they have a child almost old enough to play something well (6 years old). Unfortunately, I really lack games for kids in my house. I have to correct that if I'm ever going to do more game demos for parents and such.

They really liked Settlers, and I spent some time telling them how to make the games they play now better, too, which seemed to impress them. Maybe I'll turn it into a lecture series or something.

I played Set with Tal and Ruti and won without much difficulty. Challenge me, I dare you.

A video interview about the Entertaible. It's beginning to suffer now from being announced too early. I want to try the damn thing out already.


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kumru said...

we are teaching kids 10-15 years old in a middle eastern country about jewish heritage and history. I don't mention the country because it is not legal to do it here. I am glad i have found out your website. I would like to hear some of your advice about your knowledge about games and your sources. Thanks