Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Next T-shirt

Update: You can buy this at my cafepress store.

Shavuot was only over at 8:30 or so, so no game group this week.

But I had a few interesting discussions that I will try to share with you over the next week.

Must admit: Stonehenge looks like a cool idea. Five games in one by five different designers. I've always been in favor of game systems.



Gerald McD said...

I agree that the Stonehenge game is an intriguing approach. I applaud the effort, at least. I hope the games are as good as others those designers have produced. My only complaint is that, once again, the game pieces are for five players. If I cannot expand the games to play with seven, I won't be purchasing it.

Coldfoot said...

f#@%..... Put this into Babelfish. Got nothing. Looks like it might be Hebrew, but I'm guessing it's Yiddish?

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Coldfoot - Definitely Yiddish.