Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Game Night A'coming

There was no game night last week, so I'm in withdrawal. Tonight should fix it, I hope. Tonight should also be the inaugural meeting of the Beit Shemesh gaming club. I'm looking forward to hear how it goes.

I'm finding it a hard job to create the Hebrew Apples to Apples cards, mainly because my Hebrew is so poor. I envisioned simply organizing my various teenagers to do it for me (for pay, of course), and they've done some, but not enough. But I can't help but think this would be easier for a native Hebrew speaker.

Game News

Flywheel posts the awesome report of Improv game design.

Rule 0 makes fun of the Clue theme.

Game Tycoon compares board games to computer games, and finds (surprise) that board games are more social.

Island Run is a rolled up customizable game with a nautical theme for promotion. I emailed them asking for a copy of the rules.

Just like it did when it busted GO's pen and tablet based computing in the early nineties, Microsoft looks poised to bust the Entertaible with a new focus on horizontal desktop computing.

The Border Mail covers the upcoming Australian Games Expo.

And an amazing Jenga move:


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Adelaide Gamer said...

Thanks for link to Border Mail article. Brought many fond memories up for me, having lived there long ago. I've posted it up on my own blog (2nd post in a row in which you get a mention!).