Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Game Night A'coming

There was no game night last week, so I'm in withdrawal. Tonight should fix it, I hope. Tonight should also be the inaugural meeting of the Beit Shemesh gaming club. I'm looking forward to hear how it goes.

I'm finding it a hard job to create the Hebrew Apples to Apples cards, mainly because my Hebrew is so poor. I envisioned simply organizing my various teenagers to do it for me (for pay, of course), and they've done some, but not enough. But I can't help but think this would be easier for a native Hebrew speaker.

Game News

Flywheel posts the awesome report of Improv game design.

Rule 0 makes fun of the Clue theme.

Game Tycoon compares board games to computer games, and finds (surprise) that board games are more social.

Island Run is a rolled up customizable game with a nautical theme for promotion. I emailed them asking for a copy of the rules.

Just like it did when it busted GO's pen and tablet based computing in the early nineties, Microsoft looks poised to bust the Entertaible with a new focus on horizontal desktop computing.

The Border Mail covers the upcoming Australian Games Expo.

And an amazing Jenga move:

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