Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Flak Magazine on Board Games

Flak Magazine

Flak Magazine has just posted a series of introductory articles on board gaming, including one about Puerto Rico from yours truly. Other articles by JonMichael Rasmus, James Norton, J. Daniel Janzen, and Matthew Baldwin.

Hebrew Apples to Apples

Last night I was visited by the folks of Kinder Shpiel, makers of Jewish and Yiddish board games including Apples to Apples Yiddish Edition. We talked about what is needed for a Hebrew edition (actually, several editions), and I'm going to be trying to make the cards for the first one. Along with the help of my teenage children and all of their friends.

I also played The Menorah Game with them, and they loved it. I hope it will inspire them to create more games for adults; most of their product line is kid's games.


My last post (5 games you need to play) is part of Problogger's latest group writing project. A prize of $1001 will be handed out to one random participant.

One of the first entries was from Classic Kids Games, who is running their own group writing project for a post on how to play your favorite game. They're also handing out $250 worth of prizes.

Bernie DeKoven has a new Junkyard Sports community, where readers can contribute new ways to play outdoor games.

The Hamilton Spectator covers the Great Canadian Baycon Convention.

And in our continuing coverage of the world's most dangerous game and its twisted players, here's a guy sitting on death row for murdering his Chess opponent. (source)


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