Friday, May 18, 2007

Your Move: A Presentation of Art in Games

I received an email from Fransisco Ortega-Grimaldo, a PhD student at Texas Tech University who is organizing "Your Move", an interactive exhibit of games that contain art, interaction, and social commentary.

Information about the event is on his site Ludotzli.

I found the information on the site a little confusing to understand, but essentially he's looking for designers who wish to contribute games for an event, which will run from January 8 to February 17, 2008. The event is focused on games where participation raises awareness about a social issue or an artistic expression.

Exhibitors receive a publication and DVD of highlights of the event.

It's Alive

Box cover art for the game on Creation and Play:

Awesome, yes? Pre-order the game here.

Free Downloadable Games

Invisible City's Game of the Month is Doodads, a resource management trading game.

Toadflax's latest is Superheroes, a four-player card game.

Gamer Survey

Brant Guillory who ran a gamer survey last year is back with another one, this time about how and why we play games. (source)


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