Friday, May 11, 2007

Weekend Coming

I have a whole bunch of bigger posts in the wings, now, including the next Havel Havalim, UK copyright code, a wrap-up on the latest Problogger exercise, and what else.

These larger posts get larger rewards, but I think the mid-length posts - most of the ones in my gaming highlights, are my favorites.

On advice of Kris Blum and others, I tried GIPF again, this time using the GIPF pieces as the standard game suggests. It didn't solve the core issue of my problem with the game, which is that a reasonably sharp player can cycle his pieces on and off the board defensively and drag the game to a standstill.

Both the games I played weren't like that. Saarya simply trounced me both times. I doubt I will ever beat him in an abstract game again, excepting perhaps Go.

I still like Zertz, Yinsh, and Dvonn better, but I think it's just because this isn't quite my sort of game.

The Herald and Review offers a slight piece on Euro-games.

You can get a free board game about nutrition called "Staying Alive! Lost in the Mountains" through the Eat Right! Be Bright! web site. I found the link on Breakfast for Learning. And by free, that apparently includes international shipping, as well.

Update: Stricken at the request of the publisher.

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