Saturday, October 13, 2007

As Long As We're Linking 25

This post showcases new blogs I have discovered since my last post, which you can see in the Highlights section on my right sidebar.

To be included in my blogroll, a site has to:
  • be updated reasonably often and within the last three months, or with a note indicating when it will return
  • have articles and information of general interest to all readers, and not simply a company blog selling stuff
  • be primarily about gaming, with application to tabletop gaming
  • be not specific to a single game, such as chess, go, or poker
  • be not exclusively a CCG, RPG, video, or war-game blog
I make rare exceptions to these rules, so consider them more guidelines than rules.

If you have a blog or site, or know a blog or site, that should be included in my blogroll, email me and I will give it a looksee.

This month I removed twenty or so blogs from my blogroll, all of which haven't updated since July, or even earlier. Two blogs changed their feeds in the last few months without notifying their old feed. Don't do that.

If you write a blog, please take the time to add some information about yourself to your blog so that a reader doesn't have to hunt around for it!

New Blogs

Buffalo Gamebuffs - Tim, from Buffalo, NY, of course. The blog is part of his site Buffalo Games, creator of Imaginiff and other games. He writes a nice blog. I'm sure he has a last name.

Chairman of the Board - Mike David, Kennewick, Washington. General gaming stuff.

CovertDad's Musings - Gabe, Lexington, Kentucky. Musings of a gamer, dad, and gamer dad.

defective yeti - Matthew Baldwin, Seattle, Washington. Now, I'm not sure why I haven't added Matthew's blog to my blogroll until now; I've known about it for years. Probably because it only covers gaming occasionally. But he sure writes a mighty fine blog. He hardly needs my link - his blog is ranked a few orders of magnitude higher than mine - but maybe one day he'll notice me back.

Games on the Table - Timothy Pinkham, La Palma, CA. Some nice articles on this new blog, such as this comparison shopping for board games entry.

Pair O'Dice Games - Josh and Scott (no location). Mostly CCG and RPG posts, but some board game material.

Starlit Citadel - Blog of a game store based in Vancouver, BC, but contains articles of general interest.

Teach Game Design - Lewis Pulsipher. He also writes a blog Pulsipher Boardgame Design. I think this is supposed to be relevant to the classes he teaches, but it appears to be of general interest.

Teaching Game Design - Ian Schreiber, OH. Teaches at CMU. Similarly named to the previous blog, and also by a teacher of game design. Interesting material.

The Gameshelf - Jason McIntosh, Somerville, Massachusetts. Yet another entity calling itself "gameshelf"; luckily the others have changed their name by now. This is a dually-hosted video blog on board and card gaming. A preview of their upcoming show is here. Their last show was about games with hidden information.



Tim - A GameBuff said...

You mean people on the internet have last names? :) You can go with Shea. I started the Buffalo GameBuffs blog because I wanted to start addressing the more casual gamer and games. I started as a more hardcore and rpg gamer but now find my circle of friends being more casual gamers. I wanted to offer a blog to be a safe haven for the non hardcore and hardcore alike. I then talked with Buffalo Games and they agreed to work with me to give me some inside info and the chance to do some interesting articles about what goes on with game development and production. I look forward to getting into those types of articles soon. Time permiting, we never seem to have enough time to do all we want :)

Unknown said...

That's for linking to The Gameshelf! We just posted the latest episode (which that promo was the opening teaser for), covering three different economics-themed games.