Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pink Games

This year you will be able to patronize your girls with pink versions of some classic Hasbro games:
Two of the country’s most popular games – Monopoly and Jenga – are being re-vamped especially for girls before December, and pink editions of each game will be released in time for Christmas.
But you can already get a pink official edition of Monopoly called Monopoly Boutique.

And a pink Jenga called Girls Talk.

And a chess set with pink and purple pieces. Or pink and yellow squares and checkers pieces. Or a pink and white Hello Kitty chess set. Bright pink playing cards, pink dominoes, pink poker chips, and an entire pink poker table.

Last year Scrabble turned pink as a benefit to support breast cancer research. Available at .

Other games include a pink expansion to Killer Bunnies, a therapeutic game called "Pick and Tell Games", and some games with "Pink" in the title, such as Pink Panther or Pink Elephant.


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