Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Linkety Link

The Crafter contest for cutting up all the board games you don't like and making them into something decorative or useful continues. See the current entries.

Fundex's games, including Phase 10, will be getting the electronic treatment by Magmic.

Solid gold Hello Kitty playing cards, anyone? Only $4,900.

Game Ink is a new board game accessories store catering to Euro gamers, apparently competing with the venerable Meeple People. Right now they only have some tees.

Goody Games is a game site (one among many) offering board game invention pitching services to publishers.

Patch Products is producing a NASCAR board game - NASCAR Chase for the Nextel Cup 2007 - with players from the upcoming race already included.

The Star Telegram covers the game Wildcatters and some of its history. It's a game about the oil industry.


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