Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Toronto Trip Report 1

I had my most uneventful plane trip. Of course, not entirely uneventful.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 11:30 am. The best way to get to the airport from Jerusalem is the Nesher airport service, which usually leaves whenever you want it to. For a flight at 11:30, I needed to leave Jerusalem at 8:00.

Unfortunately, Nesher was leaving Jerusalem only at 7:00 or 9:00. The 9:00 would only arrive at the airport at 10:15 if there was traffic, which seemed a tad tight. So I bit the bullet and took the 7:00, which was really 6:45.

Only in the morning at 6:15 did I receive an email that allowed me to do online checkin service with Air Canada. Which I did. Which meant that I really didn't have to arrive at the airport now until 10:30. Which meant that I could have slept an additional two hours.

Nesher only had a problem picking up one of the passengers ("WHO?" "It's Nesher! Nesher! Outside your house!" "WHO??!!!") and we got to the airport at 8:15. Air Canada's flight was now scheduled to leave at 11:45. But their ticket counter said 11:55. And they only open their counter 3 hours before the flight, which meant 8:55.

I stood at the front of the line for the "Web checkin baggage only" counter. They opened at 8:55. Their computers didn't work until 9:35.

During the 40 minute wait, I almost got the checkin counter woman to show me a magic trick with a deck of cards, but as she was shuffling and sorting them her boss gave her a disapproving stare. I decided that taking a picture of her shuffling the cards would probably get her fired, so I didn't. Instead, I played Gin Rummy with a guy in the line behind me. I lost the first game and won the next three.

After finally checking in, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly. Well, the airport's kosher McDonalds refused to admit that an item was on their menu even when I was pointing at it, but other than that.

I'll tell you about all the cool movies and stuff on the plane, but I just got here, so later ....


P.S. Packing board games into a duffel bag is a challenge. Luckily, none seem too damaged. I stuff them with socks and underwear in order to help keep the box integrity intact. I just have to remember to remove these before I trade away the game. I recommend sticking to boxes or suitcases for transporting board games.

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