Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Board Game Geek's Secret Santa

BoardGameGeek has already kicked off this year's Secret Santa program. Join the fun. Essentially, you agree to ship a game to a randomly selected person, and some randomly selected person ships a game to you. Receivers don't get to know who the givers are, unless they choose to tell.

Receivers are often, but not usually, from the same country to save on shipping expenses, but even if they aren't you can usually order online and ship from a local store closer to the receiver. Everyone is invited to set up a wish list of reasonably priced items to aid (but nit compel) the sender in choosing the gift that will be most likely to be well received.

Game News

The Almogordo Daily News explores the perils of dumbing down board games for kids.

Eric of Gamethyme was interviewed about his board games rules translation services.

GameInk, the new board game accessory store, will be offering a $d6 discount at BGG.con. Roll a d6 and take that many dollars off the price.

Castles in the Air tries to create a Homo Ludens taxonomy.

The next Board Game Speakers Colloquium will be held in Lisbon on March 23-26, 2008. Check out the invited speakers and topics.

Another board game is available about AIDS, sexuality, and contraception called Think Negative! And the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute is raising money by means of an hour of game play called It's All in the Game.

Armenian Chess players sometimes face uncomfortable situations playing in Turkey, according to Panorama.

Local charities are being cautious about accepting toy and game donations in the wake of the numerous toy recalls, according to Public Opinion Online.


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