Monday, October 08, 2007

More About Pink

Cerise Magazine has an interesting article on the color pink and gamers' reactions to it.

Vail Daily suggests that you plan a board game night with party games.

Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, is teaching a class on game design at Orlando's Full Sail Real World Education. According to the article, "any student who beats Arneson at a computer game, Age of Empires, gets an A."

Defective Yeti mocks up a sample card for the new 300 board game.

Men and women, especially the latter, are supposed to gain spacial skills playing video games.

Daniel Radosh writes an opinion in The New York Times about video games substituting better graphics instead of better gameplay. Case in point: Halo 3.

Supposedly, Halo 3's designers measured responses of gamers step by step as they played to ensure that no one got stuck on any problem for more than a minute or so, that they continuously moved in the "right" direction, and that a game walk-through finished in 20 hours of game play.

I remember playing Nethack for years. I got stuck on everything for days, and I don't recall getting past 10th level or so.

The main selling points of this game, after you take out the graphics and "weapons coolness factor", are that you get to blow a lot of things up and shoot everything else. Seriously, is that all we've got to say for video games since Space Invaders?

Speaking of extraneous violence, here's a story by veterans from WWII who say that they used to be able to get information out of their captured prisoners simply by playing Chess with them. This is in contrast to the licensed torture now sanctioned by the current U.S. admin.



Dave The Game said...

Two friends of mine took Arenson's class at Full Sail. The "Age of Empires" challenge is true, and they said at the time only one person had ever beaten him (and was actually given the A.)

They also said he ran a regular D&D game with a huge waiting list. I said I was content with just having played with Gygax :)

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Sounds like fun. Although I hope Gygax was a good player, and not dominating.