Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm published, again

Timothy Wherry, a law professor in IP at Penn State Altoona, just published the book Intellectual Property: Everything the Digital Age Librarian Needs to Know. You can pick up a copy from the ALA here, but it should be on Amazon eventually.

It's basically a summary of IP and how to search for them using online resources. The fun part is that Tim found my three poems summarizing the IP codes (copyright, trademark, and patent) helpful for his IP studies. He wrote that they helped as a reference to the relevant sections in the legal code.

With my permission, the entirety of all three poems were included as Appendix A in his book.

Game News

I understand church groups using board games in their functions, but using Halo 3 during church meetings sounds a little odd. It's basically a first person shoot 'em up gorefest.

Mental Floss has a quiz up on whether you can identify the real board games from the ones they made up.

Chess professionals are up to their misbehaving antics again. Read about the latest series of lawsuits, alleged smear campaigns, and other shenanigans on Boylston's linkpost.

Hasbro's continuing campaign to allow people to vote for which towns end up on their new Here and Now Monopoly board has resulted in the highest place spot on the new French board going to the town of Montcuq, whose unfortunate spoken resemblance to the French "mon cul" means "my bum".

Finally but OT, my dear friend Treppenwitz sticks it to one of those people we've all wanted to stick it to.



gnome said...

Congratulations my friend! That's just brilliant (as of course them law-poems of yours)!

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, Gnome.