Friday, October 26, 2007

Upcoming: Win Over $100 in Cash and Prizes - Watch This Space

I will be giving away over $100 in cash, gift certificates, and games through this blog when I get back from my trip at the end of November. Prizes will include: a $25 Amazon gift certificate, $25 certificate to a game store, a copy of my game It's Alive, and more.

And it won't simply be some dumb trivia contest; it will be through games, of course. Just my way of saying happy holidays and thank you for reading / subscribing / commenting / linking to me.

If you want to add to the giveaway bonanza or sponsor prizes, email me or comment on this post. Sponsors will get at least two extra links from me and hopefully some good will and traffic.

If you'd just like to support my blogging efforts, you can always click the Paypal link on the sidebar of my page.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the other side of shabbat.



Seth Ben-Ezra said...

I'd be willing to donate a copy of my game Dirty Secrets, which is a noir detective RPG. (Here's a review, if you want more details.)

Funvill said...

I read your blog often but i never have much to say.

Good work !