Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend Coming

There's nothing in this post for you; it's all about me. You can safely skip it.

Games moved

In preparation for my trip on Tuesday I have moved half of my games over to Nadine's house. Nadine will be hosting the game nights for the three weeks I am gone.

Blokus Trigon

I also finally picked up my free copy of Blokus Trigon, a gift after the fact for writing a post about Blokus's new website. Thanks, and I hope to play it before I leave. One thing that interests me is that it looks like it plays well with 3 players, something which wasn't true with regular Blokus.

Trading Games

I'm taking my tradable games with me to Toronto and to BGG.con, hoping to trade them somehow, somewhere. I'd like to get involved in the BGG.con math trade but I'm still to dense to figure out how it works, except at a very high level. I've asked Misha for assistance.

Playing Games

I'm also taking games to play. Puerto Rico to play with Rachel in Toronto, It's Alive to play in Toronto and at the con.

Yehuda Swag

I've sent a T-shirt and a mug with words of wisdom and a cartoon from my blog (using my Cafepress store) to Dallas already and I hope to use them at the con.

No Game Design

I don't have a new game design ready for the con, unfortunately. But I do have some ideas of how to make my presence at the con a tad more interesting. Maybe I'll get it done by then, or maybe not.

Weekend Coming

Tonight I'm off to a Bar Mitzvah; I got the boy a gift certificate to Toys-R-Us since I know he loves games. Tomorrow I may get to play Blokus Trigon with Nadine, if I'm lucky.


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