Thursday, October 04, 2007

Try Eurogames for Free at Starlit Citadel

I've done some business rearrangements on the sidebar regarding my Sponsors and Affiliates (ick, ick, money, ick). Unlike certain advertisers, who will not be named, that pay per click, sponsors simply pay a set fee per month to have their link displayed and affiliates pay only if you buy from them through me. So click through to them and browse around.

I've also got a new text link sponsor: Starlit Citadel, which appears as "Board Games for sale". I think this is my first real Euro-gaming store sponsor. They're Canadian.

Although they discount off retail, the quoted retail prices seem rather high. Maybe once when the U.S. dollar was high compared to the Canadian this made sense, but now ...

However, you can't judge a site by its prices alone. One nifty feature they are offering right now according to their blog is a "Try Free" program. You can buy the game, test it out, and return it if you don't like it using a return shipping label they include with the game. Refund is 100% of the purchase price minus the original shipping cost. Purty cool.


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The Reish Galuta of the Geula said...

Yeah, those prices look insanely high for "discount."

Take a look at
for a much better deal on buying board games in Canada. They also offer flat rate shipping.

The prices were much better before the $ hit parity of course. Now they aren't quite as good when you compare against the American discount retailers like Thoughthammer, but when it comes to border hassles and shipping, it's better to order from them still if you're in Canada.