Monday, October 22, 2007

Travel Plans to Toronto and Dallas


Leave Tel Aviv: Tue 30-Oct 2007 11:45
Arrive Toronto: Tue 30-Oct 2007 18:25

Air Canada keeps changing my flight times. This is the latest.

I go straight to my wife (and stepson and dog). Yay! I will be working from home in Toronto during the day. Night time is for game time.

Possible events:
- Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:00pm Ani DiFranco Danforth Music Hall Theatre (also Wed)
- Free Concert Series The Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts Concerts are every Tuesday and Thursdays from Noon to 1pm and the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm
- Public Talk by the Dalai Lama Rogers Centre October 31, 2007 04:30 PM
- Fred Eaglesmith Hugh's Room Sat Nov 3
- Jonathan Byrd Hugh's Room Wed Nov 7
- And just about anything else at Hugh's Room

- Monday nights at Comic Warehouse
- Thursday night Nov 1 at Dueling Ground
- Thursday night Nov 1 at Gryphon Games (really?)
- Thursday night Nov 8 at Two Headed Dragon

It would be nice if there was something web or blog-related happening here, but I don't see anything scheduled. Any blogger in the Toronto area want to meet up?


Leave Toronto: Tue 13-Nov 2007 09:10
Arrive Dallas: Tue 13-Nov 2007 11:39

I didn't know they scheduled flights to the minute. How optimistic of them.

- Tuesday night Dallas game club
- Wed night BGG.con arrivals.
- Thurs - Sun BGG.con, except that Friday afternoon until Sat star-rise will be shabbat.


Leave Dallas: Sun 18-Nov 2007 17:00
Arrive Toronto: Sun 18-Nov 2007 21:03

Not much happening here.


Leave Toronto: Tue 20-Nov 2007 17:30
Arrive Tel Aviv: Wed 21-Nov 2007 07:25

Home, sleep, home. Of course, nothing unusual ever happens to me when I travel.


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