Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Not only was Blogger inaccessible yesterday, all Google services other than Gmail were also inaccessible for several hours. So were a whole slew of other sites. Yahoo I could reach. Technorati I couldn't.

My ISP said that there were general problems. Usually when a link is down to the States, all sites are down, not only a cross-section of IP numbers. It was spooky.

This week is TV turn off week. Grab a board game.

Last night I played Anagrams with myself while Tal finished her homework and Rachel was too tired to play Scrabble. Anagrams with yourself is still a challenge, but you just know that you are missing words that a competent opponent would be finding. It's those words that you missed but should have found that can make a real game of Anagrams most interesting.

Afterwards, Tal and I played Oh Hell which once again came down to the last round. She won when I was forced to bid 1 and lost.

Apparently, her classmates now play card games during recess, and Tal has them all playing Oh Hell. What card game should I teach her next?


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