Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Once you start linking, it's hard to stop

If you are into good game journalism and you don't have the Escapist on your reading list, you are missing out. Here's my second link to them in as many days: an excellent history of the board game and card game threads that led to the creation of computer games.

Paper games are largely ignored by both the industry and general press, and it's understandable why: Non-digital games, as a business, are an order of magnitude smaller. But the reality is that the two sides co-evolve - the growth of digital games brings new players to paper ones, and the ability of the paper field to innovate and experiment at far lower cost than digital games gives it a disproportionate influence on the imaginations of designers

In other news, I'm thinking of collecting the definitive list of Scrabble versions to go with my Monopoly list. If I do, I musn't forget this one: l33t Scrabble.


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gnome said...

Yes, the escapist is great. The fact that it's mainly written by a person who's both a 'traditional' (RPG etc) and video games designer, does help a bit...