Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Got Game

I just posted A Gamer's Hagaddah to Gone Gaming.

If you want to see my other posts on Gone Gaming, just look for every Tuesday post. The first six months of my posts (as well as the other posters) can be found here.

Today I received Santorini from Gord, a game he sent to me as a gift so that I would play and review. It looks nice. I hope I like it, and I hope he is successful with it.

My Menorah Game prototypes consisted of flimsy cardboard, even though it cost me a lot to make them. I assume that Santorini is self-published, as it definitely looks like a game, not a prototype. It comes with a nice drawstring bag, lovely wooden blocks, laminated cards, and rules. I don't know how much it cost him to make each one, but probably less than my prototypes.

It cost him a lot to mail it to me, however. So, thanks. I'll get it out and review it as soon as possible.


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