Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Board games and other perversions

dooce presents a few pictures of some strange children's books, followed by a rather stranger board game called "Sequence for Kids".

The real Sequence for Kids is here. I don't know if this was an April fools day joke, as it was posted on March 29. [1]

I don't follow the main blogs generally, but I'm thinking of setting up some filters to catch board game mentions.

I played about ten or twelve games of Santorini with my daughter, with and without the "alien powers". No mention was made by her of the nude classical Greek statues on the power cards. The simple abstract game was quite enjoyable for the few times we played it, each game taking only about three minutes.

We have to play a few dozen more times to see if the game just plays out; it's such a limited size board, which is a warning sign. Also, we haven't tried the three player version, yet, which the author himself warns has a possible kingmaker problem, like many three player abstracts do. I will report after more testing.

Game night tonight.


[1] It was, of course.

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