Friday, April 21, 2006


Two fellow bloggers posted about personal difficulties yesterday: John Farrell and Darth Tanyan. Send 'em some love.

Escapist Magazine ish #41 has an article on Game Rules as Art . (via Ralph Koster).

We've got more Mennonites coming for Friday night dinner. I don't know where they are all coming from. We just keep getting calls from this tourist group asking us if we can host some more of them in order to give them the Jewish shabbat experience. Must all be part of one large group, since we haven't received any other Christian denominations. I wonder if Mennonites (pacifists) would play confrontational games.

Rachel and I haven't played Puerto Rico for a while. She may be burnt out, since it's the only game she plays with me regularly. She expressed interest in playing Havoc again, however. I would really like her to want to play Power Grid, Louis XIV, Tigris and Euphrates, or a train game of some sort. Still working on it. Nothing can really compete with that elegant role selection mechanism, however.

Saarya and Tal will be coming for shabbat as well, so I expect we will be playing something.

Next week the regular game group resumes. And Friday afternoon and evening we are looking forward to having Chris Brooks and co-worker Eric as our guest.


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