Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Game taglines: surely I could get a job making these up

You know the rules. I'll give you 15 free points to start with. Good luck. (Answers are here.)

  1. Adventure for two starfarers
  2. Adventures of discovery
  3. Adventures under the crescent moon
  4. Amazing game for 1 to 4 brains
  5. America's favorite word game
  6. Caravans and desert oases
  7. Challenging game of gods, men and their monuments
  8. Classic detective game
  9. Classic game of battlefield strategy
  10. Classic game of India
  11. Classic marble race game
  12. Classic riddle game
  13. Comic clay puzzles
  14. Control the fate of the world
  15. Corner the market card game
  16. Corporate acquisitions
  17. Crazy cookin' card game
  18. Cross-country train adventure game
  19. Culture, crisis, conflict, and civilization
  20. Culture, politics, and warfare
  21. Cutting-edge of strategy
  22. Daring adventure for two
  23. Discovery, settlement, and trade
  24. Divine feud for two
  25. Dungeon-crawling adventure
  26. Edge of your seat fun
  27. Energetic economic game
  28. Epic board game of galactic conquest, politics, and trade
  29. Ever-popular bidding card game
  30. Exciting civil war battlefield game
  31. Exciting game of bidding and development
  32. Exciting game of deal making, negotiation, and cutthroat bargaining
  33. Exciting game of migration and development
  34. Exciting game of wares, messages, and traders
  35. Exciting journey of discovery and colonization
  36. Explore a dangerous paradise
  37. Family game of visual perception
  38. Fast paced game of multiple personalities
  39. Favorite game of Egyptian pharaohs
  40. Fierce game of deadly combat...
  41. Flying races for two clever ravens
  42. For gods and other immortals
  43. Fortunes on the ocean floor
  44. Frantic game of hilarious comparisons
  45. Frantic marble munching game
  46. Frenzied race filled with computer driven chaos
  47. From the far tundra
  48. Global domination
  49. Great bluffing game from Germany
  50. High adventure
  51. High stakes bidding in the galleries
  52. How far can you push your luck?
  53. International intrigue
  54. Land, wealth, power, prestige
  55. Make your city grow...
  56. Medieval cities, nobles, and intrigue
  57. Military strategy, courage, and cunning
  58. Minute to learn... a lifetime to master
  59. Mob vengeance
  60. No guts, no galaxy
  61. Number one motor racing game
  62. Once loved by sea captains and kings
  63. One step ahead
  64. Outrageous bidding game for 2-5 players
  65. Palace building in India
  66. Power and intrigue in ancient Rome
  67. Power and majesty in India
  68. Profit through words
  69. Property trading game
  70. Sea full of danger and oceans of fun
  71. Seafaring, exploration, and trade
  72. Simple, clever tile-laying game
  73. Strategy game of patrons, artists, and scholars
  74. Sweet revenge
  75. That breaks its own rules
  76. That ties you up in knots
  77. The 3-minute word search game
  78. The ultimate game of trump
  79. There's trouble in the bubble
  80. Thrilling game of outlaws, sheriffs, and fast guns
  81. To bean or not to bean
  82. Truth never counts when your playing
  83. Valley of two rivers
  84. Which road leads to riches?
  85. Which roles will you play in the new world?


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