Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Choose your pawn

You chose:

Red: Attack me, go ahead * I'm right here; come and get me * I love confrontation * Approach me and die * I am passionate about my gaming * I'm after blood

Orange: I'm juicy * I scorch * I have no worries * I'm warning you that I may be reckless * I will not be contained * I'm a fanatic

Green: I'm trying to blend in to the green board so you won't see me * Kiss me, I'm Irish * I'm cool as the grass * I'm supportive * I'm envious * Let's make a pact

Blue: I'm here to serve you * I'm sad and lonely * I am a stalwart defender * I match my pants * I will envelope you like the ocean * I'm trustworthy

Purple: I am royal and regal * I like unicorns * My color is prettier than your color * I'm radical, like a blacklight * I'm insane * I'm going to win, if it costs me everything

Yellow: I'm happy * You can't get me down * I will claim a moral victory * I'm coming your way * Approach me and I will tell you not to approach me again * I am insatiable

Brown: I'm earthy * I feel fine * I'm all natural * I'm neutral * I'm going to harvest you right up, as soon as I'm done planting * I'm right at home, here

White: I'm trying to not be noticed * I'm the good guys * I will wait for you guys to fight it out * My position may be small, but it's growing * I wouldn't attack you, honest * I'm pure

Black: I'm bad, man * I'm in pain, so stay away * You will be assimilated * I know what I'm doing * This won't take long * I'm mysterious


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Ted said...

How about:
Yellow (or Black): I'm somewhat colorblind and I want the pieces that I can most easily distinguish

Yehuda Berlinger said...


Also see the linkback "A different rainbow".