Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Gaming

Pesach, Pesach, Pesach is on the way.

Passover cleaning is not just dirt cleaning, but hametz cleaning, which means crumbs and food items in all pockets, bags, floors, drawers and so on. Actually, you can leave the dirt, but you never do.

We are reduced to a small place in the kitchen with non-"kosher for Passover" food and the microwave. By tonight, we will have switched over to Passover food, which means we can start eating again.

In the meantime, Rachel and I played a Puerto Rico game in the afternoon. I'll just list two of the buildings:

Wildcat Strikers 1/1: At the beginning of a round, you may declare a phase to be Prospector this round, instead of its usual function. Remove WS from the game and place its colonist onto San Juan.

This is a really neat building which adds a depth of complexity to the game. You are sacrificing the 1 VP to prevent a needed phase from being taken at the end of the game. It also allows you to clear the way for a big building without ending the game. But it sure is hard to use right!

Mine 4/2: Pay 1 less per building.

Why is this better than quarry? You get it during the builder round, for one thing, and you didn't have to take Settler, and you didn't have to sacrifice a plantation. Furthermore, it's worth 2 VP, and it doesn't have a quarry's column limitation. Another good replacement for Hospice.

Anyway, Rachel won by 4 points. We were also playing with Church, which I thought might work well with Mine. But the truth is, I really don't like Church even with Mine in the game. It is a dull building, and not worth the investment.

I had indigo and coffee; really, I did: I had 3 indigos, 4 corns, and 2 coffees. I also had Small Wharf. Rachel had all goods except for coffee and a Factory. Along with Large Business, she managed to just outship me and match my buildings. Without a full play by play, which we can't do on shabbat, I really couldn't tell you how.

Except that round two of a two player game is unfairly advantaged to the corn starting player.


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