Friday, April 07, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 8

See As Long As We're Linking 7 for details.

This is a list of RSS game feeds in the board game world that have come to my attention since my last update, contain generally interesting posts, and which update frequently enough to hit my radar. This list doesn't concern itself with non-board game blogs or with self-promotional blogs by companies.

The new blogs:

Board Game News: From Board Game Central. This site is primarily old school, but is learning about the new games.

Gaming Anecdotes: by Måns Johan Stenström from Finland. Has a primarily Finnish site, but this blog is all in English.

My New Adventures in Boardgaming: K.S. from Vermont. New to Eurogaming.

Non-Waterlogged Blog: Mischa Krilov, formerly of New Orleans, now in Austin, TX. Also contains non-board game material.

Nothing But Games: Scott aka manowarplayer, Modesto, CA.

Playing With Myself: John Farrell, Brisbane, Australia.

YouTube :: Tag // boardgames: This is an example of a tagged feed on board games. In this case, it is videos tagged as board games that are posted to Youtube. You can do this type of thing at other Web 2.0 sites, such as Technorati, Flikr, and so on.

Although it doesn't really do any harm to keep them on RSS, I drop blogs that don't update frequently enough or for long periods of time unless they give notice as to why.

The following blogs have been dropped from my list: Chumpmonkey, CubeZen, Dreifuss Gaming, and netfrantz. A few others will likely be dropped by the next post.


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