Monday, April 24, 2006

Hard Day, San Juan

Some days are just hard days, and yesterday was one. A project at work is better than none, but a doomed one that I don't really understand is frustrating.

I spent a few extra hours at work and came home stunned and depressed. I needed Tal to play a game with me, and I chose San Juan.

I opened with Carpenter, while Tal opened with Prefecture. She had Library by turn four, and then Chapel. It looked grim, but she is still young. I had Silver and then Library soon after, and I picked all of the six pointers I needed, while she only got out City Hall. Close game, 42 to 36.

I thanked her and sent her off to bed, as it was already late. I probably should have been more gracious about it. She'll get an extra kiss tonight.

My father had his hopefully last surgery for his internal ileostomy, yesterday (following the first surgery and then six months of chemotherapy). A few more days in the hospital and maybe maybe he can get on with his life.


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