Thursday, April 27, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 9

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More board game blogs that contain content of general interest and update with regularity:

A Dark And Quiet Room - Seth Ben-Ezra, Peoria, Illinois. Blog contains only sporadic game entries, but frequency is increasing.

Board Games - Creation And Play - a combined UK blog about game design.

Carpe Delirium - Justin Walduck, Gaythorne, Brisbane, Austalia.

Diary of a Mad Gamer - Stephen Glenn, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Just started, may not continue.

The Escapist Blog - The blog of Escapist magazine. It is primarily about computer gaming, but late articles have crossed all fields and the articles are wide-ranging and well-written. The articles of the Escapist are also available via RSS. - Matt Forbeck, Beloit, Wisconsin. Another game designer blog.

Galfridus - Geoff Speare, Allentown, PA. Other than the GoF reports, he hasn't written about games, but here's hoping.

Jeremiah Wittevrongel - Calgary, Canada.

Logic and Nausea - Darth Tanyan, Tracy, California.

MetroBurb Gamers - Session reports from a Boston area games group.

Roll_The_Bones - Erik Weissengruber, some sort of Canadian teacher, from what I can tell. Theory on games.

Tiki - Derek Croxton, Winchester, VA. Blogs and articles about games.

Computer Games:

There seem to be a number of computer game blogs that caught my attention recently, because they are talking more and more about game theory or plain old non-electronic board games. Here are three:

Games * Design * Art * Culture - Greg Kostik
King Lud IC - Patrick Dugan
Raph's Website - Ralph Koster

Changes:'s RSS feed changed. Please tell us when you do that!

Blogs that have fallen off my blogroll: Taxovich, Game Store Confidential, Austin Boardgamer.


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Boardgameplayer said...'s RSS feed changed. Please tell us when you do that!

You mean like in this post I made December 30th of last year when I went to the new system. ;-)

Ken Rumsey

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Uh, yeah. Hmmm. Was that post on the new feed or on the old feed?

I wondered why I wasn't getting anything from you recently!


Boardgameplayer said...

You that I think about it...I think I was already on the new system when I posted that. Guess that makes it pretty difficult to read the new feed to find out about the new feed. I wondered why I had so few subscribers!

Oops. My bad.

That's what happens though when readers don't physically come to the site and rely on RSS feeds. ;-) Although I see that you are now a registered user on my site...Thank you.

I know I haven't posted much this year but hopefully that will change soon. I'm almost done with my house sale and as soon as I get moved to the new house, things should pick up again.

Thanks for reading my site and letting everyone else know I screwed up! ;-)