Sunday, August 06, 2006

Alternate Scoring for Scrabble?

One other thing from yesterday's Scrabble game:

Joe noted that the original assignment of point values for letters was based on the general "dictionary" of words available when the game was created. Now that we have been tacking on all of these new words, and especially the new two letter words for "Q" and "Z", the points for each letter are probably not optimal.

I wonder if anyone has tried to rework them.

I was thinking on the way home about some possible scoring variants, e.g. in addition to the normal rules, a 10 point bonus for using 6 tiles, and -5 points for each 2 letter word formed. That might return the play area to something more workable for casual players.

Here are many Scrabble variations. Here are some more.


Here's a chance for you to design your own cards for Monopoly and win a copy, if you're so inclined. I like some of the sample cards, so far: "Knocked up Princess Peach. Pay $25 for marriage license."


Jason Little said...

Wow... That's absurdly interesting -- seriously. I am a lifelong Scrabble and Boggle gamer. I grew up on so many different word games... so this really got me thinking, as our lexicon continues to expand, and previously uncommon letters and combinations are seeing more and more use. I'm going to muddle over this for a bit. Very interesting to wax over.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Do notify if you come up with something.

I think there should be two dictionaries, a casual dictionary with the standard scoring, and a tournament dictionary with all the words and an adjusted scoring.