Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm Just a Travellin' Man

My apartment is being rented out starting tomorrow for a few weeks, which requires me to find alternate lodgings. The schedule:

- This weekend I'm at my parent's house.
- Sun - Mon nights I'm at a youth hostel in Tel Aviv with my kids.
- Tue - Wed nights I'm downstairs in my "machsan", normally my elder daughter's bedroom. Wed evening is also game night at Nadine's house.
- Thu - onwards I'm at Nadine's house while she's away in America.
- Rachel comes home on the 18th, and we move back into our apt on the 24th. Nadine returns thereafter.

That means that game nights for the next three weeks will be at Nadine's house. That means the dreaded task of packing games.

I will be moving most of my games down to the machsan, and then I'll drive them over when I need them for game night. What do I take for this weekend and for Tel Aviv, however? I need games that both Tal and Saarya will play.

Probably a deck of cards, Havoc, Princes of Florence. Maybe San Juan.

I may not be blogging at all until next Tuesday or Wednesday. Try not to miss me too much. But you never know; maybe I'll find an access point to jack in. Or maybe I'll get up early tomorrow.

Keep 'em guessing,

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