Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anime Series Based on the Board Game Go

I know I'm posting a lot, but I can't help it. I promise I'll slow down soon.

ChiyoDad points out an entire anime series based around the board game Go. Wild.



ChiyoDad said...

The graphic novels span 23 volumes if I recall correctly. Seven of these have been translated into English by Shonen Jump.

The anime spans 75 episodes but covers only about 75% of the story. Some of these have already been dubbed into English (but I'm not happy with the interpretations of the voice actors).

Still, it's fascinating to see how a good story can spark such a phenomenal resurgence among the youth in an old game.

ChiyoDad said...

For the convenience of those who prefer dubbed to subbed, I posted the former as well.

If you want to try something cr-r-r-razy, and have the internet bandwidth, go to the blog's home page and run all of the video streams simultaneously.