Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Grief, Game Poetry

Here is a site about Game Poetry. By which they mean video games, of course, but I will try to correct that. (Via Raph)

Also, I may find reality TV to be morally repugnant on many levels, but I found this Wired article to be strangely convincing. Read and decide for yourself if the designers of these shows are or are not game designers.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting article at Wired, though it only serves to confirm my thinking for awhile. To me, reality television is just a sub-genre of Game Show, if no one explicitly calls them that. I'm not a big fan of watching them, but I have admired their structure, even going so far as stealing a mechanic from The Apprentice for an RPG I once GMed.

My favorite quote in regards to Survivor was about Richard Hatch, the first winner: "He was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers." Having actually caught the episode where he wins, it was obvious to me that he was the only one who understood the true nature of the show and thus devised the winning strategy. At one point, he inentionally gave up on an immunity challenge, which appeared foolish, but to one who examined the tactics behind the decision, was ultimately the only way he could have won the game and thus the $1,000,000.