Thursday, August 31, 2006

Session Report Up

The latest JSGC session report is up here. Games played: Origins of World War I, Havoc, San Juan, Quo Vadis, Magic: the Gathering, Shadows Over Camelot. First play for OoWWI.

John Weber posted the final Puerto Rico game of the World Board Gaming championship. I will probably comment on it sometime soon.

I'm enjoying following a rather lengthy series of articles by Jack of Revier Games describing the ongoing creation process for his games.

This survey indicates that the computer game market is more fractured than it has always appeared. (via Slashdot)

And for something different, here is an impressive video covering an Israeli attack into Lebanon from the soldier's point of view. Awesome journalism. In case you're wondering, the soldiers are going from house to house in order to do as little damage as possible. The entire town could much more easily have been bombed from the air at no risk to Israeli soldiers.

By the way, I have been updating my page on Pallywood (and Hezbollywood) as more video and picture evidence mounts.


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Jackson Pope said...

Thanks for the shout Yehuda :-)

I'm enjoying reading your stuff too.