Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"Never Beat a Ninja at Scrabble"

New Yorker, July 24. Frankly, that caption is better than the cartoon.

Dreamblade from Wizards of the Coast is getting a lot of mainstream press.

More news about how board games can kill you: County Inmates contract staph infections through joint contact over a board game. The name of the board game was not mentioned: our researchers are looking into it.

And if you have some spare moments, The Ladies' Vase: Polite Manual for Young Ladies, by An American Lady. circa 1849.
Nothing is so likely to conciliate the affections of the other sex, as a feeling that woman looks to them for support and guidance. In proportion as men are themselves superior, they are as accessible to this appeal. On the contrary, they never feel interested in one who seems disposed rather to offer than to ask assistance. There is, indeed, something unfeminine in independence. It is contrary to nature and, therefore, it offends. We do not like to see a woman affecting tremors, but still less do we like to see her acting the Amazon. A really sensible woman feels her dependence; she does what she can, but she is conscious of inferiority, and, therefore, grateful for support; she knows that she is the weaker vessel, and that, as such, she should receive honor.

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Gerald McD said...

Unfortunately, a large number of humans, male and female, still attemtp to live by that sterotype.