Friday, August 04, 2006


Hello, goodbye.

Good people in times of strees:
"One day [last week]," said Motti Avraham, owner of the Mor Minimarket near the southern entrance to the city [Kiriyat Shmonah], "two elderly men walked into my store. I could tell they were from Jerusalem by their accents. One of them asked me if I sold on credit. I said I did. Then he asked me whether some of my clients were poor. I said they were.

"He told me to take out my list of people who owed and mark those who were poor. After I did that, he turned to the other man and said, 'Take it out.' The other man took out a wad of crisp NIS 200 bills. He then began to give me NIS 300 for each of the people I had ticked off and told me to deduct the money from their debt.

"I asked them who they were. They replied, 'What difference does that make?' Then I asked them to at least give me their phone numbers so that their beneficiaries could thank them. They replied that the greatest mitzvah is when the donor does not know whom he has given to."
Mainstream article about humans still reigning supreme at Go versus computers.


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Gerald McD said...

Great story. There are always a few shining lights among us, even when (or especially when) anonymous.