Wednesday, August 23, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 13

This is another update on board game blogs that I have discovered since my last update. For previous updates, please see the links on the sidebar of this blog.

The following links include only blogs that contain general postings that would be of interest to most readers, and do not include company blogs or blogs that post so infrequently as to not be worth visiting.

Abstract Gamer: Joe Peterson, Hilsboro, Oregon. Includes a new podcast on abstract games.

The Apples Project: Mark Jackson will be returning with a series of article comparing the worth of various games that have similar themes.

d21: Group blog about board games and RPGs.

Dream Weaver Seven: Rick, formerly of Divine Diversions (or simply "BoardGameBlog") has moved to new quarters. The new blog includes non-game posts, as well. I seemed to have dropped off of his blog roll, but I imagine he will be correcting this very serious oversight sometime soon.

Flywheel: A group of game designers, posting ongoing designs.

Gamer's Notebook: Mike Siggin's posts at

game slips: Simon Halder, Bethesda, Maryland. Blogs about game mishaps.

Invisible City Productions: Another group of game designers.

My Play: Gerald Cameron, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Snoozefest: North Carolina. Posts audio reviews of games.

Dropped: Galfridus and Divine Diversions (Boardgameblog).

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