Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Indigo no longer a color!

Yehuda News, August 29, 2006:

The world's top artists have established new criteria for what may be considered "valid" colors, and the result is that indigo no longer makes the cut.

"Everyone has always knows that there's no real color between blue and violet," said John Monochrome, of the Geneva Institute of Color Research. "What the heck is indigo, anyway? We just added it so that we could pronounce 'ROYGBIV'"

The new criteria includes only colors that are main colors in the primary and secondary color wheel. That includes red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple (violet), but excludes nuanced colors such as indigo and pink, as well as non-visible colors such as infrared and ultraviolet.

These other colors are now called "colorettes".

The decision was reached after several years of vigorous debate. The proposal that was rejected would have kept indigo as a color, and also would have added many other colors, such as ochre and burnt umber. Some minority leaders have criticized the decision as racially motivated.

"Indigo was rejected so that burnt umber would be rejected," said the Rev Jesse Jackson. "Once again we see the colored man being left out."

Indigo, which was discovered in 1678 by Whiskey MacFleddon, an Irish poet, stood together with the other major colors for the last 330 years. The old acronym for the colors - ROYGBIV - will have to be relearned by schoolchildren around the world.

Some teachers and color purists say that they will continue to recognize indigo as a color, despite its new demoted status.

"Indigo has been a part of our lives for hundreds of years, and it's not going to go away just because some egg headed artists have decided otherwise," said Ginney MacFleddon, a schoolteacher in Ireland. "Now excuse me while I go barf in the petunias."

Yehuda Berlinger



Anonymous said...

Of course you have to post this the day after I post the concept logo for my new card game "Roy G Biv" :)

Anonymous said...

In other news, corn is no longer on the cob, sugar isn't sweet, tobacco doesn't cause cancer and coffee won't keep you awake.

Simon J said...

You might also be interested to know that the botanical defintion of a berry is such that blackberrys, blueberries, raspberries aren't berries. Gooseberries are berries.

Anonymous said...

Of course indigo isn't a color. It's a crop. Is corn or tobacco a color?

Veritas said...

Bunk! Simple google searches of Whiskey MacFleddon and Geneva Institute of Color Research yield no results, save this very article. Check sources before you believe.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe indigo is no longer a color, according to Jesse Jackson, for a racial issue.