Sunday, August 13, 2006

How Much Is There to Say About Board Games?

I mean, compared to computer and video games?

It must be a lot easier to create board games than computer games, because there sure seem to be a lot of discussions about the computer game creation process. All of that technology: skinning, platforms, rendering, tracking, and so on. There are whole blogs and magazines devoted just to certain aspects of game programming.

Are we likely to ever see an entire blog simply about board game construction materials? We have some board game blogs that follow a particular game design from conception to marketing, but the actual creation stage warrants no more than a few posts.

And how about this: an entire blog devoted to fashion in video games. We have some blogs that talk about the art in board games, but come on. Don't we need an entire blog about fashion worn by board and card game characters?

The vast amounts of time, energy, cost, and manpower that goes into creating a single electronic game seems to give rise to so much more room for discussion. Does the relative simplicity of creating a board game doom us to having less to talk about?

That's why we don't get more press in the mainstream. Our games don't cost enough or take long enough to produce!

On the other hand, if there is less to say about board game creation and marketing, maybe there is more to say about board game strategy and tactics

And so there is. And maybe, if there is so much to say about the electronic gaming creation and marketing process, there is less to say about the games themselves. Other than how pretty the rendering and the graphics are. Or what clothes the characters are wearing.


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