Thursday, August 17, 2006

Background Discussions

I've got some larger posts brewing in the background, again.

Meanwhile, I wrote to the author of a mainstream article about Business games. He wrote that there aren't any business game produced today, other than Monopoly. I am trying to clear the issue up with him (Cash Flow, Acquire, Power Grid, etc.). Someone on BGG also picked it up. I sent a link to this thread to the author, and maybe he'll comment.

I received a request to include all or part of my Copyright Code post in an upcoming law book that explains the code. Tee hee. I hope to receive a copy of the book when it's finished (next year, I suppose).

Meanwhile, I missed posting about a local Chess meetup in Jerusalem that was supposed to have been tonight, and I neglected to remind people about the Educational Center for Games meetups this week in Tel Aviv. And I need to remind people about the board game tournament in Tel Aviv on Aug 24, too.

I also received some private notes wishing me peace and health during this period of tension and war in the Middle East. I already sent thanks privately, but here are some public thanks. Your wishes mean a lot to me.

And really: if anyone can put me in touch with a board gamer in Lebanon (or any other Arab or Muslim country), I would appreciate it.

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