Thursday, August 03, 2006

National Board and Card Games in Various Countries

So far I've only got around sixty or so countries. Accuracy is high, but not definite. Any additions or corrections are welcome.

By "national" game, I mean either a) an actual official national game, b) a game heavily associated with the country and still played there widely, or c) the most popular game by a reasonably large margin.

Sources: Google, Pagat, Board Game Geek (and this Geeklist), Yahoo Answers

Antigua: Warri (Mancala/Oware)
Argentina: Truco
Armenia: Chess
Australia: Five Hundred, Squatter
Austria: Schnapsen
Bavaria: Schafkopf
Belgium: Wiezen
Belize: Pitty Pat
Brazil: Checkers, Chess, Dominoes
Bulgaria: Belote
Canada: Euchre, Kaiser
Chile: Carioca
China: XiangQi (Chinese Chess), Mah-Jong, Go
Cuba: Dominoes
Czech Republic: Mariáš
Dominican Republic: Dominoes
Ecuador: Cuarenta
Faeroe Islands: Sjavs
Finland: Marjapussi, Afrikan tähti
France: Belote
Gabon: Mancala
Germany: Skat, Cego
Ghana: Spar, Oware
Greece: Tavli (Backgammon)
Greenland: Voormsi
Hungary: Ulti
India: Pachisi, Chess, Carrom, Pallankuzhi
Ireland: Twenty-Five
Israel: Rummikub, Backgammon, Chess, Taki
Italy: Scopa
Ivory Coast: Awale
Japan: Go, Shogi
Kazakhstan: Asyk atu oiyiny
Korea: Hwatu, Go
Latvia: Zole
Liechtenstein: Jass
Madagascar: Fanorona
Mali: Awari
Morocco: Ronda
Nepal: Bagha Chal
Netherlands: Klaverjas, Sjoelbak
Paraguay: Truco
Phillipines: Mah-Jong
Puerto Rico: Dominoes
Romania: Rummikub
Russia: Durak, Chess
Samoa: Suipi
Singapore: Big Two
Slovakia: Mariáš
Spain: Pachisi, Mus
Switzerland: Jass
Sweden: Vira
Thailand: Mukrak
Trinidad: All Fours
Tunisia: Chkouba
Turkey: Backgammon
United Kingdom: Cribbage, Draughts (Checkers)
United States: Monopoly, Poker
Uganda: Omweso
Ukraine: Durak
Uruguay: Canasta
Vietnam: Tien Len
Zanzibar: Bao


Simon J said...

Personally, to include an English game, I would pick Cribbage.

According to several sources, it is still the only game that can legally be played for money in this country in the pub. (I've no idea if this is actually true). Most pubs in the UK probably have a crib board and a deck of cards behind the bar.

Yehuda Berlinger said...



Aeron said...

Cribbage? I didn't even know it used a board. Chess and Bridge are far more popular in the UK. Personally, I've never ever seen anyone playing cribbage, whereas school chess tournaments and high-street bridge clubs are common here.